Make Workplace Health and Safety Easy for Your Auckland Business, with Management Program Planning and Training from Safety Made Simple

In New Zealand, all businesses are required by law to have well planned and well-managed programs in place for workplace health and safety. If you need help putting together a safety management program for your Auckland business, Safety Made Simple can help.

What Safety Made Simple Does

At Safety Made Simple, our health and safety consultants in Auckland have a wealth of experience. Our owner and director, Keith Robinson, has been involved in the health and safety training and consulting business since 1997. He knows how to build safety plans for businesses of all shapes and sizes. No matter what industry or niche you occupy, Keith can work with you to identify risk areas and address them to create a safer workplace. Safety Made Simple can then provide health and safety training in Auckland, to ensure your managers and employees understand the new safety policies.

As every business is different, our services vary from one client to the next. To help our customers choose the services they need to stay safe and compliant, we offer three primary packages. All of our packages include a detailed health and safety manual that has been tailored to your business. The manual contains details about company safety policies, relevant forms and templates, and training modules you can use to get every team member on the same page. For your Auckland business, we can provide site visits to help you to get your head around you new workplace safety program.

Higher tiers of our services include all the above, but also add additional benefits—such as annual health and safety audits, access to our help desk and extra hours with health and safety consultants in Auckland.

The Importance of Getting a Custom Workplace Safety Program in Auckland

We will customise your health and safety plan for you. No other business has your exact environment or set of potential risks. To support the implementation of your health and safety plan, we can provide health and safety training for your Auckland business team – whatever you need.

A safe workplace is something that every employee deserves. As a business owner, it’s essential to understand this responsibility, to know how it impacts the legal operation of your business and to do everything you can to ensure proper safeguards. At Safety Made Simple, with our thorough workplace health and safety audits, we can help you reach compliance and minimise risks. Contact us today for a new safety management program for your Auckland business.

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